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Indian Knowledge Systems Division of MoE@ AICTE
Activity to encourage awareness of India’s Architectural Heritage A program of IKS Division in collaboration with ASI

  • Description of children’s activity: India has perhaps the worlds most rich and continuous living tradition of architecture. The achievements of Indian architecture denote the pinnacle of human ingenuity, creativity, hard work, diligence, and perseverance. This illustrious tradition needs to be kept alive and children must be made aware of this glorious Indian architectural heritage to develop a sense of pride, ownership, and appreciation for details to make them self-confident citizens. This initiative will provide an opportunity to school children (3-12 classes) to showcase the architectural heritage in their locales. To help the children, we will provide learning materials to help them visually recognize various features of various monuments and heritage structures. For example, various features of the Chola, Pallava and Hoyasala pillars styles or the materials of construction used, or Nagara or Dravida style of vimanas or Indo-Islamic or the Rajputana style of domes. The children will be expected to explain the significance of the structures in their own words preferably in an Indian language through a short video and answering a questionnaire.