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IKS Institutional Internship

Sl. No. Title of the project PI-Name PI-Institution
1 Water resource development and management using Ancient Indian   Knowledge system Dr.Lochan Jolly Thakur college of   engineering and technology
2 Preservation of Art & Culture form   of various Samaj’s (Social/Cultural groups)    in and Around Vidarbha Region Dr Bhalchandra M   Hardas Shri   Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management, Ramdeo Tekdi,   Gittikhadan, Katol Road, Nagpur 440 013.
3 Transcription of lectures in IIT   Gandhinagar’s Indian Knowledge Systems course, 2017 and 2019 editions Michel Danino Indian   Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
4 NEP and Social Science Curriculum Anish Gupta Shiksha   Sodh Vikas Nyas, Sector 12, NOIDA
5 Archiving and Reviving Oral Lullabies   in Gujarat Language Diti Vyas Anant   National University, Ahmedabad
6 Studying the Significance and   Application of Principles of Kautilya’s Arthashastra for Managerial   Excellence. Dr. Mayuresh   Mukteshwar Shingrup H.V.P.Mandals   College of Engineering And Technology, Amravati
7 A study on the significance of yoga   and consciousness studies from psychological perspective in the context of   pandemic Dr. Nagalaksmi.S CHRIST   UNIVERSITY, Bengaluru, Karnataka
8 Exploration and Documentation of   Endangered Karbi Culture, Folklore and Literature Dr. Indu Swami Diphu   Campus. Assam University, Silchar, Assam
9 Folk culture and Folk lore of Assam Sudeshna   Bhattacharjya Honourary   Vice President, SERF; Professor, Dept of Sanskrit, Gauhati University, Assam
10 Role of Attitudes towards Intellectual   Property Rights in the Development of a Sustainable Indian Knowledge   Management System: Insights for NEP 2020 from Mixed Methods Approach Dr. Arvind Kumar NIT   Rourkela
11 Documentation of Traditional Knowledge   System of Various Tribal Communities of India Dr. Ramanand Pandey Center of   Policy Research and Governance
12 An Action based Study to Explore &   Connect Select IKS in Contemporary Educational Discourses & Practices Prof. Kusha Tiwari Shyam Lal   College, University of Delhi
13 Traditions and Culture of Vidarbha Dr.Manjushree   Sardeshpande R.S.Mundle   Dharampeth Arts & Commerc College, Nagpur
14 Science Education for new curricular   and pedagogical structures in the light of NEP 2020 and IKS Mrs. P. Anuradha HRD Degree   & PG College, 3-4-667&668, JV Towers, Narayanguda, Hyderabad
15 A Study and Documentation of Trade and   Economy in Ancient India Dr. Neelu Dhall Vidya   Bharti Sanskrit Shiksha Sansthan
16 Conceptual Modelling and Decoding of   Naalastambha of Sundara Vimaana in Maharishi Bharadwaja’s Vaimanika Shastra. Dr. Prahlada Ramarao National   Institute of Vedic Science
17 Documentation of the Architecture   Heritage and Traditional Arts & Crafts in Bharat useful in inducing into   mainstream education with respect to NEP2020 Manish Bagalkote Jagatguru   Shri Devnath Institute of Vedic Science and Research, Nagpur
18 Indian Financial and Human Resource   Management – From Ancient Scriptures and Indigenous Practices Prof. G.P Sudhakar Center for   Educational and Social Studies
19 సంస్కృతాంధ్రవాఙ్మయబోధన -   సంప్రదాయపద్ధతులు - దృశ్యశ్రవణమాధ్యమము - మొదటి దశ V. S. S. Pavan Kumar   Hari IIT Bombay
20 A study and Documentation of Chemical   Sciences in Ancient India Dr. Vinay Goyal State   Institution of Advanced Studies in Teacher Education, Kurukshetra
21 Indian Knowledge System of Materials   in Science and Technology Dr. Satish Pal Singh   Rajput Vikramaditya   Institute of Management & Technology, Bhopal
23 Distilling Science, Engineering and   Technological Knowledge from ancient literature of Mahapuranas Dr. Lalit M. Pandey Indian   Institute of Technology Guwahati
24 Development of the study material on   Sanskrit-based knowledge systems ANIL KUMAR   GOURISHETTY INDIAN   INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROORKEE
25 Designing of IKS-based Hands-on   Activities/Indian Toys and Creation of Materials for Curriculums of School   Science Education for Class 6, 7 and 8 NACHIEKETA KHAMARI   SHARMA Siksha O   Anusandhan University
26 “Compilation of principles of Sangeet   kala shastra for personality development of School students” Mrs Pallavi Padmakar   Bhirangi Shrinath   Gandhar Sangeet Vidyalaya, Saddharma Pravartan Mandal
27 A Vishachikitsa-based study to   identify plants in Kerala with potential antivenom properties Sandhya Ganesan Indian   Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM)
28 Precious Ancient Verses to Inculcating   Thoughts for Rejuvenating All (PAVITHRA) Sadhan Santhi.B SASTRA   Deemed University
29 Vedic Analytics on Big Textual Data of   Ancient Indian Scriptures Dr. Animesh   Chaturvedi Indian   Institute of Information Technology Dharwad, Karnataka
30 Impact of Akṣaraśloka on improving   cognitive abilities Dr. Anil Narayanan N Chinmaya   Vishwavidyapeeth
31 Investigation of Indian Calendar   Systems Dr. Rajath   Vasudevamurthy B.M.S.   College of Engineering
32 Tritiya Prakriti aur Bharatiyata:   Reclaiming the Narrative Indic Prabodh Mishra Indus   University, Rancharda, Via, Shilaj, Gujarat
33 Proposal for an Indian Digital Assets   Bank, 2022 AMRITANSHU PANDEY Bṛhat   Culture Creative LLP, Gachibowli, Telengana
34 Reviving India's RichCultural Heritage: Exploring Indian   Philosophy and Economy in the Context of NEP 2020 Dr. Ramanand Pandey Center of Policy Research and Governance
35 Integrating Indian Knowledge Systems inHigher Education: A   Pathway for Holistic Development Dr. Anish Gupta Shiksha   Sodh Vikas Nyas, Sector 12, NOIDA,
36 Construction and Application of AncientIndian Astronomical   Yantras: Documentation & Training Dr. Tadikonda Venkata
IIT Guwahati
37 Development of the textbook material and supplementary material   on Sanskrit based Knowledge Systems for higher secondary & undergraduate   students Prof. Anil Kumar Gourishetty IIT Roorkee
38 Knowledge Repository ofऋग्वेद मौखिक   परम्परागत 7 ancient Vedic Texts and preparation of   course
     material on IKS Subject in Marathi.
Acharya Shreyas C. Kurhekar Jagatguru Shri Devnath Institute of Vedic Science &   Research (run by Mission for Development & Divinity Trust),
39 Indian Knowledge Systems for Commerceand Management
Prof. G.P Sudhakar Center for Educational and Social Studies
40 సంసక ృతంధ్రవాఙ్మ యబోరన - సంధ్రదాయరద్తుధ లు -
     ద్ృశ్య    ధ్శ్వణమారయ మము రండవ
     ద్శ్Video documentation of traditional methods in teaching Sanskrit and
     Telugu Literature Phase2
Dr. V. S. S.
     PavanKumar Hari
Mana Bhasha Adhyayana Parishat,   Bengaluru, Karnataka
41 Digitization and Content Creation on Sankhya Darshan,   YogaSutra, Prana and Swarawith a case study on mental benefits of
     Mantra Dhyaan
Dr. Rohit Saluja IIT Mandi
42 Exploring Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems: Insights   intoPhysics in the Vedas, Panchanga, and Mendeleev's Periodic
Prof. Gopal Dixit IIT Bombay
43 IKS learning resources for school education Dr. Vasantha
Samvit   Research Foundation, Bengaluru
44 Transcription oflectures in IIT
     Gandhinagar’s IndianKnowledge Systems course,   2020, 2021,
     2022 and 2023 editions
Prof. Michel Danino IIT
45 Gaṇita, Darśana, Nīti, Kalā and
     Āyurveda: Towards Integration ofIKS into   Holistic School Education
Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya IIT Kanpur
46 Audio Visual Content Creation on
     Indian Knowledge System for NEP 2020
Dr. Rinkoo Wadhera Sarayu Foundation Public Charitable
     Trust, New Delhi
47 Pedagogical Integrationof Dogra Culture and Heritage Content in   Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Perspective as
     Envisioned in NEP 2020
Dr. J.N.Baliya Central University of Jammu
48 Development of a 3 credit Online Course titled, “Musical and   Cultural Heritage of Thiruvarur” in English and
Prof. V Premalatha Central University of Tamil Nadu
49 वेदेषु शास्त्रेषु च    संवर्णितं भारतीय मनोर्वज्ञानम्
     - भारतीयानुसन्धानप्रर्वधयश्च (Indian Psychology and research Methodolgy prescribed in Vedas   and Other Shastras
Dr S L
     Seetharama Sarma
National Sanskrit University Tirupati
50 Creation of IKS-based Hands-On Activities/Indian Toys for High   School ScienceEducation (grades 9,10, 11 and 12) and NCERT-based Translated   Materials in Odia for High School Phase II (grades 11 and12) Science   Education
     (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
Prof. Nachieketa Khamari Sharma Siksha O Anusandhan University
51 Reviving the Indian Traditional Food- Scapeas a Nutrient-Dense,   Therapeutic Diet to
     Combat Malnutrition inSociety
Dr. P.
Samskruti Foundation
52 Ancient Indian Skills: A Voyage of BhartiyaGyan
Dr.   Manish Vishwakarma Manit Bhopal,MP
53 Empowering India's Skilled Workforce: Implementation of an   Internship Program under the IKS Component of NEP
Dr. Nikita Nale Prachyam   Studios, Varanasi
54 Copper and Zinc metals: Ancient texts to their untilization   in
Dr. Nityananda Agasti Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College,
     University ofDelhi
55 Preparation of IKS course material on the subjects Management   in Ancient India, Essentials of Temple Management with respect to Bharatiya   Parampara and Bharatiya Veshbhusha Ka Prachin Itihas in implementation of   NEP
Dr.Mayuresh Mukteshwar Shingrup H.V.P.Mandals College of Engineering And Technology, Amravati
56 Amalgamation of Seminal Ideas Reflectedin the Ancient Indian   Shastras as the Principal Ingredients of the Course Material forMass   communication & Journalism,for Political Science & Public   Administration,for Psychology ,Holistic Lifestyle & Stress Management and   for Botanical Study & Gardening in connection with NEP,2020 : Making of   an Indic Curriculum in
     Graduation Level.
Prof. Sudeshna Bhattacharya Shankardev Education and Research Foundation
57 Study and Analysis ofSound in Indian Knowledge Systems
     and Modern Science
Dr. Chinmayananda A IIIT Dharwad
58 Documentation and Preservation of Archival
Dr. Bhujang Ramrao Bobade Research For Resurgence Foundation
59 Documentation & Validation of Vrikshayurveda basedPoshana   vidhi (Nutritional care and management) and Drumaraksha
     (Protection of plants) for safe and sustainable   cropproduction
Dr. Sunita T Pandey GB Pant University of Agriculture &Technology
60 रामायण न्यायशास्त्र आचायि    परम्परा
     ) व्यखित्त्व एवं    कृ र्तत्व(
Dr. Munish Kumar Mishra Vaidic Dharma Sanskriti Promotion Foundation, Varanasi
61 भारतीय रसायन शास्त्र    व रसायन वैज्ञार्नको का    इर्तहास Dr. Manjeet Singh Barwa Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi
62 Studies on the adoption of the fivebasic traits in vidyarthies   for improving their personality in reference to IKS and NEP, 2020 Dr.   Rasbehari Bhar Annapurna   Kalpana Self-education Open Academy (AKSOA), Kalyani, West Bengal
63 Documentation of a traditional irrigation management system   (TIMS) managed by tribal people under hillenvironment of Nagaland. Dr. Chitrasen Lairenjam Nagaland University
64 Uncovering the Wisdom of Panchmukhi: ExploringEarly Hominine   Knowledge System with a Modern Scientific Approach Dr. Sachin Kumar Tiwary Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi
65 ग्रामवास्तु प्रेक्षण पररयोजना Dr. Shubham Sharma Maharshi Panini Sanskrit evam Vedic University
66 A study on “The Water Purification System practiced by   different communities in
Dr. Ranjit Chakma Techno College of Engineering, Agartala
67 Effect of Heritage Games on the Academic and Social Skill   Development of Students with Visual Impairment at Primary Level. Dr. K.
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research   Institute
     Samvahan Karyakram-3
Prof. Gauri Mahulikar Chinmaya International Foundation
69 Robotics in Ancient India Prof. Sampadananda Mishra Rishihood University, Sonipath
70 Unfurling the Pañcatantra:
     Going Beyond the
     ‘Machiavellian’ Labeltowards a Holistic   Learning.
Dr. Anindya Bandyopadhyay University of Kalyani
71 Preparation of SanskritLexicon for Neurology Dr. L Sampath Kumar Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth
72 Development of a textbook in the Marathi Language based on   Rasshastra or Traditional Indian Metallurgy for the
     graduate level students
Dr.Kulkarni Satish Shankarrao Padmabhooshan Vasantraodada Patil Institute of Technology
73 Reviving the Lost Artforms of India Dr.
     Raghavendra Rao H Kulkarni
     Shikshana Seva Trust