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Research Proposals

Outcome based Research Proposals :
The IKS Division will conduct outcome-based proposal writing workshops to catalyze the synergy between the traditional and modern science scholars and help in the development of inter-and trans- disciplinary proposals. Fifteen workshops will be conducted to enable the development of high-quality research proposals by multidisciplinary teams of scholars.

The goal of the research proposals program of the IKS division is to make catalytic grants that help young scientists launch their research, and help established scientists embark on new research directions or approaches related to IKS. Up to Forty new research proposals will be funded in the current financial year. The research projects will be provided a funding support of 10 Lakhs per research project over two years.

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Dates to Remember

Announcement of Research Proposal Program August 30, 2022
Proposals Due by October 30, 2022
Awards Announced End of November 2022
Funding Available Middle of December 2022
Progress Report Due July 1, 2023
Review of the project December 2023
Final Report Due December 31, 2024