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Latest update: भारतीय ज्ञान संवाहिनी - १, IKS Internships 2022-23 Announced

Welcome to Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

Indian Knowledge System (IKS) is an innovative cell under Ministry of Education (MoE) at AICTE, New Delhi. It is established to promote interdisciplinary research on all aspects of IKS, preserve and disseminate IKS for further research and societal applications. It will actively engage for spreading the rich heritage of our country and traditional knowledge in the field of Arts and literature, Agriculture, Basic Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Architecture, Management, Economics, etc. View More

IKS Themes

  • Chaturdasha vidyas of traditional IKS systems
  • Upavedas (Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharvaveda)
  • Darshanas (All twelve including 6 astika and 6 nastika darshanas)
  • Shastras (Nyaya, vyakarana, krishi, Shilpa, Vaastu, Natya, Sangeeta, Jala, khani, among others)
  • Sahitya and avadhana kala
  • Holistic medicine and wellness
  • Indian psychology, yoga and consciousness studies
  • IKS based approaches to the economics and political systems
  • IKS based approaches on Knowledge paradigms
  • Mathematics and astronomy of India
  • Observational astronomy and calendar systems
  • Ship building, navigation and maritime traditions
  • Chemistry of dyes, pigments, chemicals used in India
  • Mensuration in IKS
  • Architectural engineering, Vaastu and Shilpa shastra
  • Sustainable agriculture and food preservation methods
  • IKS Approaches for development and management of water resources
  • IKS approaches to conserve biodiversity and ecological protection
  • Novel materials, metallurgy and material sciences
  • Preservation and documentation of manuscripts